Operator of scam: Sun International Porn Industries (SIPI)

Whistleblower: Tim Dailey - August 2012

Details of scam:

It has been alleged that employees of the hotel group Sun International Limited are producing secret sex videos of unsuspecting patrons staying at Sun International Limited hotels, in particular at the Sun City Resort in South Africa, which has become known as the SUN CITY SEX VIDEO RECORDING SCANDAL.

Some of these sex videos produced at Sun International Limited hotels are then allegedly used for extortion purposes while others are sold to international porn distributors.

Detailed information about the scam and the crime syndicate behind the scam are available on the internet, and more specifically on the followin.


{suncitymovies.blogspot.com / sisettlement.blogspot.com /
siscandal.blogspot.com / suncityscandal.blogspot.com /

Our actions to stop the scam:

We have immediately instructed the corporate security division of Callister International (CI) to investigate the matter and to confirm whether these allegations are true.

CI has investigated the case for the past two years and has confirmed the allegations are indeed true, as well as that the crime syndicate Sun International Porn Industries (SIPI) is behind these criminal practices.

Sun International Limited has been informed about these criminal practices at its hotels in September 2012, but to date (October 2014) has surprisingly:

  • Ignored all requests to meet with the victims and to review theevidence of the atrocious crimes in the presence of members frominternational law enforcement agencies and the media.
  • Refused to take any kind of collective responsibility as would beexpected from a responsible public corporation.
  • Refused to assist or to resolve the matter with the Sun Internationalpatrons/victims in any way.

Callister International has furthermore established an international initiative with leading international hotel groups to stop the criminal activities of SIPI, which is rapidly expanding to exclusive hotels and resorts all over the world.

Current Status:

In terms of Sun International Limited’s un-cooperative and imprudent attitude to resolve the matter, the victims have retained the legal division of Callister International to institute a $517 million class action lawsuit against Sun International Limited.

However, just before the lawsuit was filed a request was received from the South African Government in which the victims were requested to postpone the lawsuit to allow more time for a possible settlement, as the evidence might reveal highly sensitive information about the South African government and many other foreign governments in the public domain.

The victims have on advice from the Callister International legal team agreed thereto and have subsequently met with representatives of 19 countries in this regard.

The victims have as a result of these meetings entered into multimillion dollar settlement deals with some of these governments during the latter part of 2014. These governments will now deal with the subject matter through political, intelligence and law enforcement channels and the victims will drop the lawsuit against Sun International Limited and is required to hand over all the evidence relating to the SUN CITY SEX VIDEO RECORDING SCANDAL, including the videos about the US/Russian espionage and Kensey incidents and those of the Gupta wedding.

Only the 517 victims who have formed the Sun International Action Group and who have retained Callister International to represent them in the matter will however benefit from the settlement. There are hundreds of other victims in the SUN CITY SEX VIDEO RECORDING SCANDAL and it remains their respective prerogative to take Sun International Limited to court on an individual basis.


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